Loads example data

The automatic and manual example data are eggs containing 30 subjects who completed a free recall experiment as described here: https://psyarxiv.com/psh48/. The subjects studied 8 lists of 16 words each and then performed a free recall test.

The naturalistic example data is is an egg containing 17 subjects who viewed and verbally recounted an episode of the BBC series Sherlock, as described here: https://www.nature.com/articles/nn.4450. We fit a topic model to hand-annotated text-descriptions of scenes from the video and used the model to transform both the scene descriptions and manual transcriptions of each subject’s verbal recall. We then used a Hidden Markov Model to segment the video model and the recall models, by subject, into k events.

dataset : str

The dataset to load. Can be ‘automatic’, ‘manual’, or ‘naturalistic’. The free recall audio recordings for the ‘automatic’ dataset was transcribed by Google Cloud Speech and the ‘manual’ dataset was transcribed by humans. The ‘naturalistic’ dataset was transcribed by humans and transformed as described above.

data : quail.Egg

Example data